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Bay Forensic Consulting & Investigations

Bay Forensic Consulting & Investigations founder, Leon Pretorius has 30 years of experience in crime investigations in the public and commercial sector. He is a specialist forensic investigator and consultant

Bay Forensic Consulting & Investigations offers a large variety of investigative services – please contact us or visit our services page for relevant information. 

Our branches are in Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein, but we conduct nationwide investigations

What is Forensics?

Forensic Consulting

This process entails expert advice and guidance, pertaining to fraud and other commercial – related offences, towards companies and individuals. The forensic consultant is hired as a third – party contractor and typically works with a business or individual on a short – term or part – time basis to address specific issues. This includes advice and / or suggestions in order to minimize financial risk.

Forensic Investigation

A Forensic Accounting investigation aids the victims of fraud or financial crimes. This is also known as a financial investigation whereby this kind of an analysis utilize intelligence – gathering techniques, accounting -, business – and communication skills to provide evidence to clients, including attorneys involved in criminal – and civil investigations. These type of investigations are conducted by combing through a large amount of relevant figures and searching for irregularities or illegal financial practices. Crimes can vary from tax evasion to theft of company assets. Irregular insurance claims with high payouts also fall within this category.