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Leon Pretorius

Specialist Financial Crime Consultant/Investigator

Police Investigations

Leon Pretorius started his career in criminal investigations when he joined the South African Police in 1988. He was recruited by the late Brigadier Eric Strydom who recognised his ability to become a formidable police detective. 

During 1999 Leon joined the ‘elite’ Commercial Branch of the South African Police and was promoted to the rank of Captain shortly thereafter.

It was during this time that he managed to build a strong foundation of practical investigative experience in respect of “white collar crime”. He was also involved in the successful investigation and prosecution of various well-known attorneys during the mid-1990’s.

Insurance / Financial Forensics

Leon joined the Forensic Investigation field during 1997 when he was employed as a Regional Fraud Investigator at one of the largest financial- and insurance services providers in South Africa.

The appointment occurred as a result of “syndicate involvement” that had been detected in the industry pertaining to fraudulent death claims.

He was also responsible for conducting nationwide forensic investigations in the Eastern-, Western- & Northern Cape, as well as in the Free State. He also provided a support function to the insurance industry in Lesotho at the time.

During 2011 Leon became the Manager of the Eastern Cape Forensic-Office at one of the largest financial- and insurance services providers in South Africa, before deciding to commence his own consulting business. 

In the past Leon performed comprehensive forensic investigations pertaining to “white collar crime”, as well as fraud being committed by employees and/or clients of the various insurance companies.


  • National Diploma in Police Administration: Technikon SA (Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure)
  • BA Degree in Human Resource Management and Labour Law/ Labour Relations: Southern Business School (Southern Cross University, Australia)

Advocate Johan Van Heerden

Forensic and Legal Consultant / Investigator

About Johan

Employed by the South African Police Service from 1983 till 2020 (37 years), where he performed various operational duties , amongst others , criminal investigations and pre-sue civil investigations.     

During 2004 Johan joined the LEGAL AND POLICY SERVICES DIVISION of the South African Police Service and  occupied  a position as Senior Legal Administration Officer (Senior  Legal Adviser ) in the rank of Colonel .

Johan is admitted to practise as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. 


  • Johan obtained  a B.PROC Degree , a LLB Degree and a LLM Degree. 
  • He also obtained a National Diploma in Police Administration and is the holder of Certificates in Medicine and the Law and Provincial and Local Government Law.
  • He completed a Programme in Forensic Investigation and obtained a SASSETA accredited Certificate in the execution of Preliminary Investigations.
  • Furthermore , he obtained  an additional two Certificates in Basic Fraud Investigation and Basic Crime Investigation .


  • During 2013 Johan received a BRONZE CERTIFICATE FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE in the capacity of Office Head of the Third Best Support Group from the South African Police Service , Northern Cape Province .
  • During 2015 Johan received an EXCELLENCE AWARD as the Best Legal Officer of the Year 2014 /2015 from the South African Police Service , Northern Cape Province.
  • During 2017 Johan received another EXCELLENCE AWARD as the Best Legal Officer of the Year 2016/2017 from the South African Police Service , Northern Cape Province.


  • Investigation of fraud and other economic crime , including but not limited to corruption , unethical behaviour , misconduct and irregularities.
  • Legal advisory , consultancy and litigation support services to clients.
  • Identification , evaluation and interpretation of supporting evidence , including real , documentary and digital evidence.
  • Opinion drafting on the admissibility, credibility,reliability , relevancy and evidential weight of supporting evidence , including the submission of merit legal opinions on the prospects of a successful prosecution.
  • Preparation of statements/reports in support of disciplinary action , criminal proceedings , private prosecution and civil proceedings.
  • Structured interviewing of complainants , witnesses , informants , whistle blowers and third parties.
  • Implementation of investigation and pre-litigation strategies.
  • Analysis and interpretation of legislation ; legislative prescripts , instruments and provisions ; company policy documents and directives ; employment agreements and opinion drafting.
  • Identifying , analysing and interpretation of solvability factors and related facts.
  • Conducting surprise audits on behalf of management in relation to internal control , fraud prevention policies and strategies.
  • Conducting research in related fields on behalf of clients.
  • Lodging disputes on behalf of clients to Regulatory Authorities.