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Forensic Consulting

Preliminary assessment in order to establish whether sufficient grounds exist to pursue a matter.

Forensic Investigations

Conducting a comprehensive investigation by gathering and analysing all relevant information and / or documentation in order to come to a conclusion or making an informed decision.

Risk Management

Fraud and misappropriation of funds  

In the world of finance , risk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance , analysing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce / curb the risk.


Employee misconduct

Comprehensive investigations relate to the following alleged offences : Theft ; FRAUD AND DISHONESTY, Offensive behaviour , Breach of health and safety rules , Sexual harassment , Damage to property , Serious incapacity or misconduct caused by an excess of alcohol and / or drugs at work , Breach of contractual obligations.


This process relates to the continuous observation of a place; group or ongoing activity in order to gather information and / or evidence against an employee who is suspected of being involved of irregularities.

Reassessment of claims

Reassessment of claims that have been repudiated/ declined by insurance companies.

This process entails the reassessment of death – ; disability – ; impairment – and critical illness claims that have been repudiated by insurance companies in an attempt to overturn the initial decision that has been taken and secure payment in favour of the complainant. Each case / claim is evaluated on its own merits in terms of the evidence that is available. Possible referral for legal – or intervention by the office of the Ombudsman if necessary.

Independent initiating or chairing of disciplinary enquiries

 A disciplinary hearing is an internal process where substantive – and procedural fairness must be applied in all cases. Bay Forensic Consulting has the necessary expertise to act  either as the initiator or chairperson in cases of this nature. 

Handwriting- and/or signature analysis

An independent handwriting – and signature analyst , with more than 30 years’ experience in this field , has been contracted by Bay Forensic Consulting in order to render this service. The expert is a former Colonel and was stationed at the “ Disputed Document Unit “ of the SAP Forensic Science Laboratory in Pretoria. 

Polygraph Services

An independent Forensic Psycho – physiologist ( Polygraph examiner ) will be rendering services in this regard , that include : Relationship Testing ; Criminal Defense ; Employment Testing etc.

Fraud Awareness presentations

Tailormade presentations in order to accommodate different employment groups in the financial sector. The purpose of these presentations is to raise awareness amongst employees in order to minimise financial risk.

Legal Services

We shall provide the client with legal services consisting of professional litigation – and legal support , pre-litigation opinion drafting , the formulation of pre-litigation strategies , legal research , legal consulting on any legal matter and the submission of merit legal opinions.

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